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Change your life

does this sound like you?

  • Feeling stressed out and barely holding it together? Having anxiety?

  • Tired of fights or feeling angry at your children or partner? Want to manage better your emotions? 

  • Want to sleep well and feel refreshed and energized?

  • Feeling sad and lonely or can't let go of grief?

  • You or your child has physical pain, special needs, ADHD, autism, asthma, anxiety etc and you want a holistic solution that really works?

Imagine that you wake up after a great sleep, you are happy, full of energy and excited for a new day! Your body has no pain!

Imagine that your anxiety and stress is melting away and you feel happier and lighter!

Imagine that you learned how to be calm around your children and have a supportive and loving partner who really listens and cares!



How to get it all and fast?

I’ll show you the way!


I'm Inna! I'm 38 yo, originally from Ukraine and a mom of 11 yo boy. I was married - 15 years together with my ex husband. When I had to get a divorce I had no family, no friends being new in the state. I found my happiness within and I will help you to build it too, to feel motivated, confident and calm. I am passionate about seeing you succeed in all areas of your life and and be healthy every day. I give you the results from the first session! Text me to ask how!



  • Manage better your emotions

  • Improve your sleep

  • Build self-confidence

  • Decrease stress and anxiety 

  • Stop overthinking 

  • Feel not tired but full of energy

  • Improve finances easily

Heading 2


  • Learn to communicate efficiently

  • Create deep love and connection

  • Accept fully yourself and your partner

  • Improve your sex life and intimacy

  • Stop feeling angry at your partner and kids 

Heading 2


  • Feel deeply relaxed 

  • Best help for anxiety, depression

  • Release any pain in physical body 

  • Improve any aspect of life and relationship

  • Manage mental health naturally

  • Works best for children and adults

  • Has no side effects, doctors recommended

What about reiki? 
Feel better in ONE session!
Combination of  somatic, therapeutic  and energy work.  
Read more here
Most effective in-person treatment for anxiety, stress, depression, physical issues etc. Learn more about
Boost energy level, create more intimacy,
Boost self - esteem and reach your goals faster.
Improve finances faster,
Release anxiety and more with my
Join my Free Online Group meetings to meet like-minded people, breathe, let go and meditate together!
Free of charge!
Let's connect!
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about self love


Happy Couple


Inna! Thank you so much for your time, positivity and questions for critical thinking during our sessions! It’s been a pleasure talking to you and you have provided me with a lot of food for thoughts. I feel like I know where to start now and which direction to go! Thank you!


Spilling Sand


I was in literally 24/7 annoyance with my man and had the most amazing experience with Inna! She taught me what I called The Art of fighting… I think it works because the disgust is fading!


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Tree Pose


Inna, thank you so much for all your help and support! After our session yesterday I feel like a new person, got so clear on my goals and got tons of energy to go and get it all! I see how my life improves and I’m so grateful for the impact you have in it, it’s so awesome to have you to help me to figure it all out! Thank you!


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