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Help for children

How does it work?

Your child has ADHD, anxiety, autism, difficulties with emotions, eating, sleeping or physical pain, allergies, asthma or other illness?

First, we discover why.

Child is a new member of your family and his physical body works as a representation of your family's history. Researches show that we  hold up to 7 generations of traumas that we call generational trauma and it can be a cause of so many problems.

Up until 10 years old child is in mom's emotional field and sense everything from the parents. If you have traumas, stress or deal with a lot, chances are that your children (and animals) will have difficulties in physical and emotional bodies.

How do I help?

I offer sessions directly with the child, no matter of age and session for a mom, at least one.

In kid's session they can watch a cartoon / TV during the session or it can be done at nap time. They might not know that session is in the process but they will feel it, might even fall asleep during it. I do it online.

For mom I offer 2 types of session - coaching or coaching + healing of the emotions if there's frustration or stress/ trauma.

In my sessions I incorporate a lot of energy work but you don't have to "believe" in it. There we studies that shows on MRI machine how image of the human's brain looks different before and after Reiki session and Reiki now is performed in all of the hospitals in USA and my clients get reimbursed by insurance. Part of this session is Reiki and I combine it with Intuitive Medical healing and other types of energy work, therapies and coaching when needed.

Session is completely personalized and tailored for specific needs so I always do a phone consultation to see how exactly I can help.

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