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my dream course is here!

       As soon as I started to work with the sexologist about 5 years ago and learn more about the topic I realized how we all lack an education about it! It's not only about the intimacy. Opening up to yourself, building the connection with your body and your soul enhances all the aspects of your life, brings joy and creativity!

       After this course you'll find yourself full of life and energy! You'll become more brave to feel and to talk about anything with yourself and your partner.

        Do you have to be in the relationship to benefit from the course?

                    Absolutely not!

It's all about You! Your sensations, your body, your emotions!

Where to start

Shoot me email and I'll answer all of your questions! 

The price for Septmber only is 

  Option 1 

 -  5 videos in total, 1 video sent you once a week

-   Free webinar about practicing self-love

    Buy for $19.99

  Option 2

-  5 videos in total, 1 video sent you once a week

-  Free webinar about practicing self-love

 -  you can send unlimited emails

 -  5 emails from Inna - 1 email per week, 5  in total

-  Choice of Reiki session or 30 min video consultation with Inna as a gif

     Buy for $69.99



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