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Neurographic art

As simple as drawing

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Neurographic is a powerful tool to transform anxiety into peace and clarity, find solutions to difficult situations and manifest anything you need in your life. 

Neurographic art  was created by Pavel Piscarev in 2015.

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This algorithm called Batterfly will help you to achieve that one goal, get that one thing you want so much by creating body-mind-soul-universe connection



University Name

With the help of this algorithm you can solve that problem or difficult situation you're not sure how to deal with in your life right now. It's a very powerful tool for resolving one problem at a time.

This algorithm helps you to set intention, find clarity, release anxiety and go get your goals feeling energized and empowered. Each line represents the growth in specific area or a thing that you need help with or a struggle that you'd like to release. It's the best way to start your day by setting intentions of what you'd like to have done and releasing any tension and emotions that you are ready to release


This is the most powerful  algorithm to reach your financial or relationship goals. To feel spacious, to expand and get more. You will discover inner blocks that are stopping you from getting where you deserve to be and created embodiment needed for deeper body-mind connection to get your goals!

This is my favorite algorithm when it comes to work on a specific theme or goal that you don't have clarity how to reach. You will discover what was stopping you in the past and what can provide extra support for you in achieving them in the Now or in near future.  You will feel really energized after doing this class! 

Classes are $79 each or $111 for 2

Buy all 5 for $366

Zelle and paypal accepted

Just text here - 917.618.8226 with your name and desired class

Thank you!

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