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Do you or your child have health issues / (chronic) pain that won't go away? Sleep problems? Dealing with too much emotions - grief, sadness, fears, anxiety, anger? Just feel stuck?

Does your child have ADHDautism, anxiety, allergies or other mental or physical issues? 

I got the best solution for you! 

 I often give results from first session as well as tools you can use on daily basis!

Cognitive behavioral therapy, life and relationship coaching, different types of somatic and energy work (Reiki, Intuitive medical healing etc), meditation and so much more are included in these sessions.

learn about big session

what is the light energy session

Light vs big session. How to choose?

These sessions will unfold from 24 hours to 12 month. You will see results related to the session.

It will affect health of your loved ones,

kids and pets in a good way (ask me how!).

Sessions has no side effects and might be covered by insurance.

Sessions are fully personalized and I offer a free phone consultation to set it up for you.

Ready for a free consultation?

Best way to reach me is to text me here or Email me  here 
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