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Better sleep

Need better sleep?

For about 5 years I don't have sleep problems anymore or know how to manage it if it happens but seems like more and more information was coming my way as well as clients and friends who were suffering with lack of sleep during the night and then felt tired during the day.

So in this book I gathered the information I got from different researches I read as well as amazing tips from Carolina Romanyuk, a certified children sleep consultant in New York, NY  and my close friend who is currently fighting in Ukrainian army and is working on his PhD in Biochemistry Anton Sikorsky.

It's a short and sweet read that will provide you with information, tools and knowledge on how to get better sleep at night.

REady to read it?

Get in touch with me and I'll be happy to send you the pdf ebook and connect with you personally!
The book is $15 via Zelle or Paypal.

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