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help with Relationships

Do you feel resentment towards your partner?  Have lots of arguments and uncomfortable situations or emotions? Can't make a decision of should you stay or should you go? Have anxiety? Or other issues?

As a Certified Relationship coach I work with couples and individuals. I work in 20 countries and do sessions online and in person. You can come together or separately for sessions with me.

I have classes and energy work recorded that helps people to reunite with inner self to get what you truly want, deserve and worthy of in the relationship.

Learn more about my one session that helps to improve relationship here

Recording that I offer

- Webinar about practicing self love - $0, free

- Video class why we get in toxic relationship and what's the first step to get out $89

- Energy work recording to release anxiety and improve relationship $200

You lay down and listen to my voice channeling healing energy through your physical body.

Feels amazing! Gets the best results, check my reviews here!

Get it together for $240

"I listened to this class 6 times. First time I was crying and feeling hopeless and sad. I tried to get better understanding of my life. It all seemed so simple and yet how do I become so aware when I really need this? I thank you for this class and for explaining everything so beautifully. Now I see where my problems are coming from and how I can finally change it all. I understand my next steps now. I will use this video as a text book and come back to it to learn from it again and again. I thank the Universe that I met you and I'm so grateful for you positive energy!"  G.K.

"I feel so deeply relaxed and amazed how fast inner state can change with this recording of energy work. I will definitely listen to it every day and can't wait to see what else will change! I absolutely love it!"  M.B. 


Ready for a free consultation?

Best way to reach me is to text me here or Email me  here 
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