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Self-esteem course

Tired of feeling undervalued? Don't have energy to do new things? Want to boost your self-confidence to achieve new goals in life and get what YOU want?

Enroll now in this beautiful course where I'll support you on your journey of self-love and self-growth!

What's inside?

5 interactive video classes with practical tools and exercises  to boost your self-esteem,

3 meditations to help you to relax and feel more loved and confident

1 email  per week - your questions to me and get my reply once a week.

Choose your option!

Option one

7 videos = $200 value, get it now for $99

Option two

7 videos ($200 value)

3 recorded meditations ($180 value)

1 email per week from Inna ($50 value)

$430 value, get TODAY for $279!

Which one do you want? Text or email to get it!




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