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Mountain Ridge

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful tools to change your life FAST.

According to studies, 6 hypnosis sessions are as affective as 300 hours of talk therapy with 93% success rate.

Hypnosis can be done online and it'll be as effective as in person. 

How is it performed?

First, we do a consultation to see clearly where you need help. Then you get into a comfortable position and I help you to relax your physical body. Such relaxation helps to access your subconscious mind and I use your words (suggestions) to implement the change in your life. 

You are in control entire time!

You can move and talk to me at any time during the session!

Legal disclaimer. Licensure is not required in New Jersey for those who practice “hypnocounseling”  to assist clients with stress management not related to a medical or mental health disorder,  altering habits such as smoking and weight management, increasing client motivation in  employment, the workplace and in sports activities, and enhancing creative, artistic and  scholastic endeavors. 

Email me here or better text to 917.618.8226 to learn more!

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