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     Thank you for being here!

      If you're going through a lot right now, I'm sending you all the support and healing energy. Open up your heart and receive it at this moment! 

       My name is Inna and I come from a family with over 200 years of intuitive healers and psychics.

      I specialize in energy work and I read Tarot cards, Intuitive Energy cards and sometimes create a deck of cards for you during the session. I help you to get clarity and peace, release anxiety and find clarity and answers. 


     You can work on your relationships and love, finances, health and anything else that you'd like to improve or change.

     I'm also a Certified  Medium, Life coach, Relationship coach and CBT practitioner. I offer a session for people who lost a loved one. Just in one session you'll find closure and peace in unresolved situations, release anxiety and improve sleep.                   Besides my natural gift from my family, I put lots of hours to study how energy and intuition works and I am happy to share my gift with you! 

Let's connect!
Easiest way is to text me here!

Or you can email me here! 
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kind words

Inna, thank you for your beautiful reading! It made me reflect a lot. 

Lee A.

Each card was so on point, I couldn't believe it! Thank you Inna, I really appreciate your help and guidance!

Katie M.

It was a turning point in my life! My anxiety is gone and all I needed was this card reading! I got so much clarity and insights! Inna, keep up the great job you do!

Tanya B.

Check more testimonials here on IG

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