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Inna Fay

is intuitive card reader who developed her skills around Oracle cards and found her unique style and approach in working with Tarot cards.

As a certified life coach Inna helps you to find clarity, inner peace and balance and live in perfect harmony by reading Tarot cards in her unique metaphoric way. She helps you to go deeper within and connect with your intuition to find answers and change anything you need in life - to let to of all worries, feel more energized, improve sleep, lose weight or build healthy relationships, improve finances.

Whatever you need, you'll get it!


Ask Inna and her cards!

Just text here - 917.618.8226 and we'll set an appointment for you!

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kind words

Inna, thank you for your beautiful reading! It made me reflect a lot. 

Lee A.

Each card was so on point, I couldn't believe it! Thank you Inna, I really appreciate your help and guidance!

Katie M.

It was a turning point in my life! My anxiety is gone and all I needed was this card reading! I got so much clarity and insights! Inna, keep up the great job you do!

Tanya B.

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