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Pricing details

Read here more details about each service, check out the price and get in touch to book it!

Good luck on your journey!

Relationship coaching

For couples and individuals who are in or not in the relationship currently.

- Build healthy relationships

- Manage emotions

- Stop fighting

- Attract your perfect partner

- Overcome difficulties in the relationships

45 min $175 (session for 2 people)

1 hour $220 (session for 2 people)

Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis)

Create a habit FAST

Start to eat healthy, quit smoking, improve focus, become more organized, 

release anxiety and stress

attract a better finances/ relationships

release any type of physical pain

or work on any other issues


50 - 90 min

Online or in person $300

Learn more here


Session to meditate on the phone with me

15 min $25

30 min $69


Pre-recorded meditations here - $30

I can record personalized meditation for your request

$60 and if you had already any session with me $40

Life coaching


- Weight loss program - learn more here

- Manage emotions

- Improve finances

- Heal any physical issues through connection with your emotions/ stress relief

- Overcome difficult situations in life

- Feel relaxed, calm, loved and confident

- Work on anything else that you need

30 min $120

45 min $150

1 hour $220

Learn more here

Reiki healing

Release stress and anxiety

Release any physical issues 

Feel deeply calm, relaxed and rested

Work on any problems you have in life - improve finances, relationships, let go of past traumas or experiences etc

3-4 sessions recommended

Performed on the phone or in person (same effect)

On the phone 30 min $80

On the phone 1 hour $100

In person (Fort Lee NJ) 30 min $80

In person (Fort Lee NJ) 1 hour $120

Learn more here

Tarot / Oracle card reading

Release anxiety and gain clarity in any life situation.

Includes career, finances, love life or anything else.

25 min $65

45 min $89

For more than 1 person discounts available

Group readings available for up to 5 people 

Learn more here

Access bars therapy

Release stress, anxiety, depression, physical issues

Improve sleep, health, finances, love life, or anything else

Results in just one session


Learn more here

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Email me here or text to 917.618.8226 to learn more or to book your service!

What Our Clients Say

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Anna M.

"Inna helped me in just two sessions! Relationship with my husband improved, now we listen to each other and I feel more loved. It was amazing how fast Inna helps you to improve your life! Highly recommend!"

Get in touch

Email me here or text to 917.618.8226 to learn more or to book your service!

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