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Reiki is a healing technique that works on the same level as acupuncture but requires no needles working with meridians

and helps with physical pain, anxiety, stress, sleep,

emotional imbalance and makes you feel relaxed and centered 

How it works

You get to lay down in comfort of your home or on the massage table if you come in for an in- person treatment and relax. 

is it safe?

Reiki is completely safe and can be done on pregnant women, babies and animals. It has no side effects. You can ask reiki to help with your emotions, physical pain and also with any events in the past or future - to help release past traumas or help with something you'd like to achieve in life. 

will I feel anything?

will I feel anything?

Some people say they experience sensations in the body in the arms, back, head, rumbling stomach, and some people report that they felt nothing.

Both are normal and mean that session was successful and you can feel the results for up to 48 hours.

Inna comes from a family with over 200 years of history of healers and believe that helps to make sessions with her more intuitive, deep, safe and effective.

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A bit more details if you'd like!

How reiki is performed?

     There can be a physical touch from a practitioner or it can be done in person but without touch. Also, reiki can be performed distantly and I have clients in Eastern Europe who come for online treatments.

Was there medical studies about reiki? 


      In a 2015 pilot program was conducted at NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital to determine whether a method of relaxation can produce immediate and prolonged declines in perceived anxiety, stress, and pain in radiation oncology patients.

    Twenty-four NewYork-Presbyterian patients ages 40–79 undergoing radiation therapy during cancer treatment participated in the study. After their radiation session, they underwent 30 minutes of relaxation exercises, which consisted of Reiki, therapeutic touch, sound therapy, music therapy, and aromatherapy. Blood pressure, heart rate, and pain level were recorded before and immediately after the intervention.

   “The data demonstrates a consistent pattern in decreased blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety, and pain scores among radiation oncology patients,” says Lu-Wong. “This clearly shows evidence of the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine.”

       Proponents of the practice say there are other uses of Reiki and  it can be beneficial for anyone at any age. People use Reiki for many reasons: self-practice, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, or simply to promote overall health and wellbeing.

    Reiki is practiced in different medical centers and hospitals. In the medical environment, reiki is usually done by the nurse and is most popular for patients with implantation surgeries where they report a lower risk of infection and better acceptance of the organs on the patients who got reiki treatments.

     Some of my clients say that they experience a variety of body sensations during the session such as rumbling in the stomach, heavier or lighter head and sensations in the arms and back and some people feel nothing but it still means that treatment worked and everyone said they felt better in the end than in the beginning and that it helped with anxiety. And I do it for myself everyday and sometimes a few times throughout the day. 


         Reiki was developed in 1920s in Japan and is well known now in the whole world. There are no side effects and it's safe for babies and animals and can be done to resolve traumas or specific events in the past or help with specific situations in the future or at some objects like to protect the car or the home etc. 

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