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improve your finances!

Do you believe that money just like anything else in life can improve with inner work and work on your mindset and energy?

If you answer Yes then this beautiful video course with meditations and energy work is right for you! It is designed to give you a boost for your finances and it will do it fast!

Video classes

I give you structure, knowledge and information. But most importantly we go deeper in your family history and create more awareness for you.

I give you journaling prompts, you sit back and analyze your family history and your own mindset about finances so you'll be able to change it and grow!


In this course, I include 3 very powerful meditations, one of them is between meditation and energy work that makes it even more effective for your mind and body to help you to get success faster!

Energy work

This is the true reason why I did this course! 

My main mission in life is to be a Channeler - the person who channels energy to people to help them be healthy, loved and successful in life!

This guided energy practice will show you my true power as an energy master.

You lay down and listen to my voice for 30 min and I bring you my Magic!

The course comes with following options


 - 4 Video Classes ($150)

- 1 Group Class recorded ($125)

 - 2 Meditations ($120)

 - 1 Energy practice Level 1 ($150)

Total $545, NOW $290!


 - 4 Video Classes ($150)

- 1 Group Class recorded ($125)

 - 2 Meditations  ($120)

 - 2 Energy practices, Level 1 + Level 2 ($150+$250)

$15 OFF from my other courses here 


Total $795 , NOW $490!


 - 4 Video Classes ($150)

- 1 Group Class recorded ($125)

 - 2 Energy practices Level 1 + Level 2  ($150+$250)

 - 2 Meditations  ($120)

 - 1 Session with Inna with Energy work to help you ($400)

 - 1 Week of emails ( you email me,

    I email you once a day) ($100)

- 1 Webinar about practicing self - love

$25 OFF from my other courses here

Total $1245, NOW $888!


1 Group class $125

Energy work Level 2 $250

Total $375 buy for $225 now!

Which one is for you?


Text me to 917.618.8226 ​or email me here!

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