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Charge Your Inner Battery

Did you know that your inner battery is linked to your inner child wellbeing?

Who is this inner child everyone is always talking about?

First, it’s a structure of your psyche so it’s very real. Second it is you, your inner world.

And third I would say it is a sensation.

So think about it.

Imagine that right now you are 3 years old. Yes, I totally know you’re not but bare with me. Just imagine. Breath this feeling in. You see? You can do it! So easily done!

So now you can ask her or him, What is it that would make you happy? What is it you really want?

Do you hear the answer?

In this answer specifically is your inner battery power!

If you allow your inner child sometimes (I’d love to say every day!!!) to come out and express himself or herself, you allow yourself to do what he or she want!

That makes you unstoppable!

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